Home to Port Wentworth, GA

January 23, 2014 00:56 – 00:56

I’m in Port Wentworth, Georgia, at the Comfort Suites on Travelers Way. I stayed here last year on my way north. All I really remembered about it was that its internet speed was decent.

The drive from Virginia was mostly uneventful. I hit a slow 5 miles stretch a little south of Richmond… a recvee and a car had tussled, and it looked like both vehicles lost. I hope nobody was hurt—but it didn’t look like either vehicle would need much additional compacting at the wreck yard.

For dinner tonight, I decided to try the restaurant adjacent to the hotel—called Sweet Tea Grille. I had a small Caesar salad and a steak & cheese sandwich. The Caesar salad was OK, but the steak and cheese sandwich was pretty bad. The bread to meat ratio was way too high. I was tempted by their “fresh catch.” But, it was salmon, and something tells me that salmon aren’t caught anywhere near here. Plus, there’s the fact that I’ve never had properly prepared salmon at a restaurant. The always over-cook it.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be at the Comfort Suites in Ocala. I plan to spend a while hiking in the Ocala National Forest while en route. I’ve never actually spent much time there, and it looks like it’s worth a good long visit.

Friday, I head down to Venice. I’ve rented a house for 10 days, and “plan” to take life as it comes for a week and a half. I already have tentative plans with some friends for the weekend and the beginning of next week.

No pictures this blog… I didn’t take any coming down. I was too busy dodging the salt spray. When I left home, it was 6°F. I had snow until about 100 miles into North Carolina. But, the salt spray continued until South Carolina, for some odd reason. When I arrived at the hotel, it was 36°F—30° higher than when I left home! Tomorrow, I think I’ll see the 50s, and maybe even the low 60s.

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