Port Wentworth, Georgia to Ocala, FL

January 23, 2014 23:24 – 23:24

Today, I drove from Port Wentworth to Ocala, via the Ocala National Forest. Lunch was at Zaxby’s—delicious as usual. Dinner was at GR’s, the restaurant in the parking lot of the Comfort Suites in Ocala. I had the fried catfish. It was over-cooked, and oddly spiced. I actually needed catsup. The restaurant blasts awful country music (just about all country music is awful in my opinion… the only music I don’t mind listening to is instrumental classical). Fortunately, I had my mp3 player with me, and listened to a bit of What Is the What, by Dave Eggers.

Because I got a fairly late start this morning, I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time in Ocala National Forest, so I set my sites on Alexander Springs. The walking trail there isn’t very long—only about 1.5 miles. It’s picturesque and tropical-looking, however, so it was nice.

There were lots of the huge birds. I think they’re buzzards, but I’m not positive.

Here’s one in flight. The red beak suggests that it might be a buzzard. These birds were 2-3 times larger than crows.

The Comfort Suites is okay, but the internet speed is a bit on the sluggish side—only 2.5Mbbs. The connection is wireless only—no wired option.

Tomorrow, I drive to Venice to take up residence at a house I’m renting for 10 days. It has a heated pool. Given the temperatures, the pool needs the heater—I guess I’ll see if it’s warm enough to swim.

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