Ocala to Venice, FL

January 24, 2014 23:10 – 23:10

I’m in Venice, Florida, where I’ve rented a house for the next 10 days. The weather here is decent—currently in the mid-50s, after reaching a high of 67 today. It’s supposed to be in the 70s the next three days. The house has a pool (heated), and is about half a mile from the Tamiami Trail. Internet is via Comcast. There were problems at first, but things have been resolved. The speed is decent—30/7.

On the way down, I stopped for a short hike in Crystal River Preserve State Park. I need to go back there sometime. There are a number of trails spidering though the park. When you take the main trail, three more split off at this junction.

I saw a hawk (too far away to tell what kind), a kingfisher, and a great egret. I didn’t have my main camera with me, and it was too hard to focus on the hawk or the other birds. There were also a lot of these flowers, which I don’t know what are.

Since I was meeting Kim (the house owner) at 4, I couldn’t spend a lot of time in Crystal River. I left there, and managed to find a fast car wash. I stopped and picked up some chicken from a Winn Dixie, then headed down to Venice. I ended up getting to the house at 3:30, and decided to take a look at Shamrock Nature Center while I was waiting. It’s about half a mile from the house. It also has a lot of trails, and bears considerable exploration.

This evening, I headed to Costco to pick up some pillows. I almost always take pillows on my trips, but somehow forgot to put them into the car. After that, I headed to a Sweetbay grocery story to pick up some provisions.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Oscar Sherer State Park. It looks very promising. Since it’s only 20 minutes away, I should be able to spend a few hours there.

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