Venice, Florida: Oscar Scherer, etc.

January 25, 2014 23:37 – 23:37

Today, I decided to head up to Oscar Scherer State Park, which is about 10 miles north of where I am in South Venice. The park has a number of color-named trails. The blue trail is frequented by shrub jays. While I saw several shrub jays, I wasn’t able to get any pictures. I did get a picture of a non-shrub jay, though.

The blue and red trails are filled with a lot of photogenic and very tall pine trees.

On the green trail, I saw a bald eagle and some eagle chicks in a huge aerie. I didn’t have my camera on that leg of my hike…. So no pictures.

After leaving the park, I set a course for Eddie’s seafood, which I’d heard good things about. I had the beer-battered fish & chips. The cooking was impeccable, but the fish wasn’t all that fresh. It had a slight ammonia taste to it. The fries were also battered. I don’t know how this penchant for battered fries began, but I wish it would end. Fries are already high enough in carbs without adding batter. I’d give Eddie’s a 6 on a scale of 10.

This morning, I discovered that the water heater in the rental house is leaking. It’s finally succumbed to the high iron content in the well water here. The iron smell is so strong, that when you run the tap, it actually smells like blood. I bought a large container of spring water for coffee, tea, and other potable water needs. Kim, the owner, bought a new water heater and placed it into the garage. Some dude is coming to hook it up tomorrow or the next day.

For dinner, I accept the gracious invitation of the Bossmans—Darbi and Pat, who moved to Siesta Key from Virginia a couple of years ago. Dinner, coffee, dessert, and company were all excellent.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to head back up to Sarasota for church. There’s a UU church in Venice, as well, but I’m not eager for a service on death, so I’m heading up for the larger UU Church of Sarasota, instead.

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