Venice and Charlotte Harbor

January 26, 2014 18:51 – 18:51

I decided not to make the trek to Sarasota for church this morning. The service didn’t look sufficiently compelling. Instead, I hiked from the house over to Shamrock Park to look for alligators. I didn’t find any. After a 6K hike there, I came home, had a quick lunch, and then headed down to Charlotte Harbor State Park.

There are multiple entrances to Charlotte Harbor State Park, although they aren’t really entrances per se. Instead, there are small parking areas accommodating only a few cars. The first entrance was already over-subscribed. I decided to continue south to see if there might be other similar “entrances”. I ultimately found the entrance to the Aquatic Preserve, although, I’m not sure why it’s called that, since I didn’t see anything aquatic about it. I hiked about 5K there, all the while being eaten up by black flies.

It was so buggy, in fact, that I didn’t take many pictures. One nice thing about the first half of the trail, however, is that someone had spray-painted yellow all of the tripping points—various roots and stumps where someone might easily take a dive.

The trail is very tropical-ish, with lots of saw palmettos, as well as tall pines, palm trees, and something called the Florida coffee tree. The latter produces red berries that animals enjoy eating, and which bear no relation to coffee. I infer that they’re called coffee trees for the same reason natives found on this continent were called Indians—ignorance.

After I finished there, I set a course back to the house. Along the way, I stopped at Publix to see if I could find some fresh fish to cook for dinner. I got a nice piece of cod (a codpiece), which I plan to cook English fish & chips style. I also procured a red potato for the chips component.

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