Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area

January 27, 2014 21:30 – 21:30

Today’s adventure was to the Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area, about 10 miles north of Ft. Myers. The information brochure at the entrance is pretty useless. It alludes to different hiking trails, but doesn’t exactly say where they are. As a result, I ended up driving around a lot before finally deciding that something might be a hiking trail.

For the first mile or so, I saw nothing, but then a mixed flock of great egrets and little blue herons flew over. Unfortunately, they were so fast and obscured by foliage that I couldn’t get any pictures. I’d never seen little blue herons before, though, and was surprised by the fact that they really were blue, unlike great blue herons. I did manage to get some pictures of several great blue herons and an anhinga.

Here’s a great blue in flights.

Here’s an anhinga doing its preening thing.

Here’s a great blue on themove.

A great blue trying to hide in the grass..

The park has a man-made lake that was created when they dredged fill dirt for I-75, which is adjacent to the park.

Here’s a great egret that was perched near the beginning of the “trail”.

Somewhere in the distance, there was a fire—I don’t if it was a wildfire or a controlled burn.

The one trail I hiked had a nearly dry ditch adjacent to it.

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