A Leepa Faith and Good Tex-Mex

January 30, 2014 20:55 – 20:55

Today was kind of a wash-out. It rained pretty much all day—sometimes quite heavily. I decided that trying to go to a park was hopeless. So, I instead headed up to the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, in Tarpon Springs, north of Tampa. 35 of Clyde Butcher’s incredible black and white photographs were on display. Black and white might sound pretty boring. But, Clyde’s are amazing because he uses very large format cameras, which provide high resolution reproduction of nature even when blown up to very large prints. His subject matter is mostly natural areas in Florida. He has two of his own galleries, as well. One is in Venice, and I plan to go there tomorrow. The other is along the Tamiami trail between Naples and Miami, near the eastern edge of the Big Cypress National Preserve. I visited that gallery last year, and met Clyde, albeit very briefly.

I mostly skipped lunch today. I’d packed a roast beef sandwich for lunch, but wasn’t really all that hungry when lunchtime rolled around. I guess my late-ish breakfast of homemade pancakes filled me up. So, for lunch, I had a banana and two bagels. Dear Einstein Bros.: Your bagels are good, but they’d be better hot.

After Tarpon Springs, I set a course back to Venice. Along the way, after stopping for bagels, I spotted a Harbor Freight Tools store. I’ve seen their stuff online (even ordered a few things), and there probably are stores in the DC area, but I’d never seen one. So I decided to stop. And, yes, of course I bought something. You can never have too many pairs of mini pliers… so I bought a set of six.

I then proceeded back to Venice, where I decided that my umbrella needed to be taken out for a walk. Wouldn’t you know…. That’s when it decided to stop raining. I felt a few drops along the five mile walk, but not enough to open the chute. The only time I came close to opening it was when a large growling and barking dog drew a bead on me. Its human, however, managed to reel the dog in (it wasn’t leashed), so to speak, and armaments weren’t needed.

After I got back, I decided to head to a highly rated Mexican restaurant, called Mi Pueblo. Mi Pueblo lived up to the recommendations! I had steak fajitas with an XX Amber. Their salsa was especially good. I thought I would have a long wait, when they told me to wait in the lounge. But, my wait was only about 5 minutes. In fact, from entering the restaurant to leaving full took only about 40 minutes.

Sorry, no pictures from today. It was raining most of the day, and the Clyde Butcher exhibition didn’t allow photography.

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