Farmers Market, Myakka, and Marie Selby

February 2, 2014 00:25 – 00:25

This morning I decided to head to the Farmers Market in Sarasota. I bought a bag of Columbian Supremo from JavaDog. Afterward, I set a course for Myakka River State Park. I visited it briefly a few years ago and wanted to see more of it. Its main attraction is the canopy walk. Along the way, I saw signs for Albritton Groves. They sell orange and vanilla swirl soft serve. I bought some of that, along with six ugly belle oranges.

This time, I also took the nature trail, which I missed last time. It goes through and across several wetland area. Along the way, I saw what I believe was a red shouldered hawk.

I also saw several great egrets.

After I left there, I set a course for “home”, but need to stop for fuel. Along the way, I saw signs for Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, reminding me that I wanted to revisit. When I got there, I recognized the parking lot… but nothing else. So, I took a few pictures.

After I got back to the Venice house, it was getting to be sunset time.

So, I decided to head down to Shamrock Park, where I expected the views to be even better.

Back at the house, I did some research and determined that China 1 was the best place to get Chinese food in Venice. Either my research was wrong or standards are very low in Venice. In any case, I’d give China 1 about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, where House of Dynasty sets the standard.

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