Of dreams, wetlands, and ice

March 2, 2014 09:46 – 09:46

Sometimes, my dreams are clearly dreams. They involve people I know in odd permutations and circumstances, and might be a combination of clearly warped memories, projections, and fantasies or hopes. But, it’s clear that these are creations of my mind, and are not actual memories of things that ever happened.

Other times—like last night—dreams seem more like memories. It’s like I’m watching a movie or a television show… starring me, although usually not in my current physical form. These often involve people I don’t recognize, but who seem entirely familiar within the context of the dream. And, sometimes, they involve what I’ll call the souls of familiar people but who are playing different roles and inhabiting different bodies. These “memory” dreams seem more like a view into a parallel universe that’s leaking through. Last night’s dream seems like it had a combination of people I’ve never known at all and a few souls I recognize from life on this planet, albeit in different bodies.

I don’t remember a lot of last night’s highly improbable dream—two women were fighting over me: improbable indeed! One of them was demonstrating a song she had written on an iPAD device using a music app I’d love to know what was. As you sing, it adapts and automatically creates the needed orchestration, scoring the music notation as well. Pretty damn neat.

This is how we know I’m a nerd. A beautiful woman is nuzzling closer and closer to me, singing a love song, and I’m fascinated by her app.

The second woman entered the picture a little later in the dream, but the “competition” and further developments were interrupted by my alarm clock. I hit the snooze button and tried to reconnect, but the signal had been lost.

I’m blogging this for the hell of it. I usually just blog my travels—along with lots of travel pictures—but what the hell.

So, where are the pictures? Here they are! I periodically upload the pictures from my phone to my desktop. So, here’s the crop from this past week.

They’ve elevated the main trail in Huntley Meadows, but the side trails are very much inaccessible. I hope they eventually become usable again. Otherwise, Huntley Meadows will no longer be a place where I can do 8-mile hikes.

But, at least there’s a place to sit and relax in the woods.

It’s hard to tell, but this section of boardwalk is actually floating now. The bottom of the boards is touching the water. It feels like you’re standing on a floating dock.

On Friday, I had a phabulous pho lunch with my niece Chrissy at H Pho in Burke, Virginia. I took her to lunch to welcome her into the middle ages. She turned 40. Afterward, I took a walk around Burke Lake, which I hadn’t done in several decades. The views across the lake are stunning.

At one point, I wished I had a real camera with me to better capture the beautiful ice formations along the banks of the lake. Here are a couple of attempts, but they really don’t do justice to how stunning the ice-coated logs and branches were.

The NWS is forecasting 8 to 12 inches of snow from an early March storm that’s supposed to begin as rain tonight. While I often like snow, I’m done with it for this winter. I hope that the “uncertain track” is wrong. They’re forecasting thundersnow, and that’s never good news.

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