Hingham, Wompatuck, and the Blue Hills

May 3, 2014 20:55 – 20:55

Today was busy, albeit not photographically. My first stop upon leaving the hotel was Wompatuck State Park, near Hingham. I only hiked three miles there because I’d planned a longer hike for after lunch with Liz. Wompatuck goes onto my “more, next time” list. It’s a great place to hike—paved and unpaved trails. It’s also a good place for biking, although a bit crowded on the weekends, and of course the fact that I don’t often travel with a bicycle.

One mystery at Wompatuck was the appearance of about 50 feed of railroad track… leading to nowhere.

Upon leaving Wompatuck, I set a course for the Hingham Lobstah Pound—which I usually try to hit each time I’m in the Boston area. I got my usual, then ate it at a picnic table at the Town of Hingham Bathing Beach Park on Hingham Bay. Also grist for next time is the Saturday morning farmers market at the park.

I finished lunch by 12:45, leaving just enough time to drive to Liz’s house in JP. I chatted for a while with Shiloh & Mark while Liz changed for our hike. Then, Liz & I headed for the hills. The Blue Hills, that is, where we walked around Houghton’s Pond two or three times, and we hike the rocky Red trail.

For next time… the red dots show the approximate parking locations.

Here are some views of the lake:

There’s also a pond adjacent to the lake.

After hiking about 5 miles, we headed back to JP for dinner. I parked at Liz’s house, and we walked to Wonder Spice Café. The appetizers were delicious, but the entrees were kind of so-so. I had the Radna Noodles with beef. They were okay, but pretty bland. After dinner, we walked back to Liz’s, and tired me headed directly for the hotel, where I am now finished with today’s blog entry.

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