Virginia to Tewksbury, Mass.

May 28, 2014 18:16 – 18:16

I’m at the Residence Inn in Tewksbury, Mass. The internet speed here is about 12 Mbps—both upload and download. This is a 3-story low-rise, and I’m on the 3rd floor in building 8. My only complaints are a) building 8 seems like the only building that’s unmarked, or, if it has an 8 on it, I haven’t found it, and b) the luggage cart has under-inflated pneumatic tires on it, which increases the rolling resistance and makes it very difficult to push.

The drive up from Virginia was mostly uneventful—the normal delays coming through Connecticut. I thought my GPS would route me up the Merritt Parkway, but it didn’t. I think I’ll need to add a waypoint or two to make that happen on my next trip up.

When I left home, it was in the mid-70s. By the time I hit the Baltimore area, it was 80. The next time I looked at the thermometer… it was down to 60! I guess I crossed a front. By the time I got to Connecticut, it was in the low 50s. It’s drizzling and 50 here in Tewksbury, but it’s gonna be sunny & warmer tomorrow—mid-60s. After yesterday’s 92°, the 50s and 60s are quite a welcome change. I’ll take drizzly 50s over thundery 90s any day!

I did hit some drizzle and some light to moderate rain—the assurance of all wheel drive is nice—particularly since it’s not at the expense of fuel economy. The E250 averaged 45.2MPG on the trip up. When the speed limit and traffic cooperated, I was running about 5 – 10 MPH over, so 70-75 in the 65 states, and 60-65 in the 55 states. I was averaging 46.1 before I hit the slowdown in Connecticut. If this is how it does with less than 2,000 miles on it, I wonder how it’s going to do once it’s broken in. My last trip up in the Passat at the beginning of May, I didn’t do much better.

I stopped for my usual weekly breakfast at Hardee’s, and then had a banana and a meatless frozen lunch from Wendy’s. Therefore, I’m not unhungry. Now… to see what I can find without having to venture out very far into traffic.

More, later.

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