Tewksbury and the UUA

May 29, 2014 17:32 – 17:32

This morning, I drove to the new UUA headquarters on Farnsworth Street, in the “Innovation” district. Cam Archibald, who oversees the Katie Tyson Fund at the UUA, gave me a tour of the new facilities. I got there early, and walked around the neighborhood a bit before meeting Cam. There’s this huge cinderblock building that’s going up. I have no idea what it’s going to be.

I also saw a cool playground—I really want to try that seesaw out sometime!

The new UUA HQ is much more inviting, open, and light than the old HQ at 25 Beacon. I’ll look forward to visiting again in the future. After my tour, we went to lunch at Gather. I had a burger & fries. The burger was excellent (the first burger I’ve had in a restaurant in quite a while) and the fries were good—unpeeled, and well-executed. Not French or Belgian quality, mind you, but about as good as you’ll find in your typical American restaurant.

After lunch, I headed back to Tewksbury to change for a walk. Wikipedia gave the incorrect impression that Haggetts Pond—about two miles from here—is surrounded by a rails-to-trail trail. The two sides that I encountered were bordered by a tall fence and a roadway with no sidewalk. Maybe I’ll explore more later by car to see if there is a trail, even if it doesn’t completely circumnavigate the pond. At least I did my daily 8. Next time, though… I need someplace with fewer cars and less exhaust.

I misread the sign at the bottom of the map while walking… as Amy Pond. Alas, she’s not here.

I’m contemplating pizza for dinner tonight… I haven’t had Lexington House of Pizza pizza in a while, and it would be good. In theory, it’s only about 25 minutes away (a bit far for carryout, but I have a pizza pouch to keep it hot… and a microwave oven… and Stella Artois), but it’ll be a longer drive since it’ll be during the hours of rush. I’ve just overcome any obstacles or objections.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting a friend at Blue Hills Reservation for a hike, assuming that the rain doesn’t arrive sooner than forecast. The forecast is now better—previously, it said rain after 2, but now it says after 5 (with possibly heavy rain tomorrow night).

On my walk, I saw some short trees (bushes, perhaps) with beautiful purple flowers. I don’t know what they were… I’m guessing that they might be camellias.

More, later.

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