Blue Hills and JP

May 30, 2014 23:19 – 23:19

Today was pretty busy. I started the day by driving to Blue Hills Reservation to hike with Glynnis and her two-week-old son, Clark. We had a nice chat as we walked around the Pond. You don’t realize just how rooty the path is until you see someone trying to navigate it with a stroller. Here’s Clark—sleeping through the hike.

And, here are Glynnis & Clark, posing by Houghtons Pond (not shown).

Along the way, I noticed something sparkling in the sun.

This was the first time I’ve seen Houghtons Pond surrounded by green rather than brown.

After Glynnis & Clark left, I drove to the Trailside Museum, which is also part of Blue Hills Reservation. There’s a way-too rocky path up to an observation point. I went halfway up, then decided that the trip down would be too treacherous, and retreated. There’s a small zooish installation adjacent to the museum. The most impressive creatures there were a river otter (no pictures), and a couple of snowy owls.

When I left the Blue Hills, I headed down to JP, where I met Liz at City Feed to pick up lunch. We then walked to the Pond, where we took up residence on a bench, and ate our sandwiches.

When we finished lunch, I braved considerable traffic and went back to the hotel, where I enjoyed a brief nap. I then got back into the car, a cup of high-test coffee in tow, and reverse the trip back to JP for dinner with Matt, at Wonder Spice, a Thai restaurant. The food and conversation were excellent… five stars for the food. I had shrimp in spicy basil sauce, over fried rice noodles.

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