Den Rock Park, Belmont, and Traffic, Galore!

June 1, 2014 09:39 – 09:39

Yesterday was pretty busy. I began the day by going to Den Rock Park, a few miles from the hotel. Because I needed to squeeze in both a hike and lunch before heading to Belmont for Allison’s ordination—and I got a late start—I didn’t have time for a full 8 miles, but I did manage 4.5 miles with a lot of uphill walking, so it wasn’t a complete wimp-out.

Den Rock Park is about 4 miles northeast of the Residence Inn. It has a number of ambiguously blazed trails. So ambiguous, in fact, that I had to use my GPS tracker to leave breadcrumbs so I could find my way back to the car. In the interior of Den Rock are huge rock faces where one can—if so inclined—engage in technical climbing. Technically, I don’t climb. I value my bones.

There are also some nice wetland views inside the park. Because I anticipated some climbing, I took my hiking poles instead of my camera. Even so, my phone managed to produce some serviceable views of the park’s interior. But, before that, I interrupt this blog for a picture of a double rainbow and apostrophe error I saw Friday afternoon while stuck in Boston traffic.

I now resume the nature pictures. Here’s a beautiful pond in Den Rock.

And rocks I didn’t climb.

And more swamp.

And even more swamp.

After hiking at Den Rock, I had just enough time before Allison’s ordination to stop at the supermarket & pick up something for lunch, head back to the hotel, eat lunch, and get changed.

The ordination was perfect. It had the best ordination sermon I’ve ever heard. After the ordination, there was a party at Allison’s in-laws’ house in Lexington… about half a mile from where I lived in the late 1970s.

Today was equally busy. I began the day in the Winchester Unitarian Society, where my friend Matt was doing the service—its was a great service. Then, I hit the road to pick up Liz, and I chauffeured her around car shopping. She didn’t decide on what she wants, but she did reduce the net number of cars on her list. Afterward, I dropped Liz off at Lucy Stone, then headed to Kelly’s Roast Beef for another perfect sandwich. Then I headed back to Lucy Stone for the Sunday night sing, where I met several lovely UUs I haven’t encountered before. Sometimes, I really wonder why I’m not living in the Boston area.

Tomorrow, I’m heading north to New Brunswick. Tomorrow night, I’ll be in Fredericton, NB. That allows me enough time to stop at Red’s for a lobster roll en router. When I enter NB, the clock jumps forward an hour, so I decided not to drive all the way to Moncton. Tuesday & Wednesday, I’m reserved in the Halifax area. After that… who know?

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