Twerksbury, MA to Fredericton, NB

June 2, 2014 18:39 – 18:39

I’m at the Comfort Inn in Fredericton, NB for tonight. It’s okay, but has no elevator, so I’m on the ground floor. It looks like it’s an overnight pit stop for lots of guys who are traveling on business. The guy in front of me checking in had just driven in from Manitoba.

The rooms have been newly renovated, according to the sign. The mattress seems cheap, but firmer than the more expensive mattress I slept on for the past five nights. So, maybe my back can recover.

The internets here are not blazing. 2.9Mbps download, which is acceptable, but only .37Mbps up, which makes me glad I don’t have a lot of pictures to upload.

The drive up from Twerksbury, Mass was uneventful—no traffic jams, and I got to the border just at the Nexus lane opened, which probably saved me 10 or 15 minutes at the border. My E250 was averaging 48MPG until I encountered Maine’s 75 MPH speed limit. As of Bangor, it was still a healthy 46.1. Not bad, considering that the EPA specs this car’s highway economy at 42. I’m not sure why they keep missing the mark for clean turbo diesel MPG estimates. Maybe their testers have lead feet.

More, later, maybe, when I check my car camera to see if there’s anything I should include from the past few days.

This is later. For dinner, I went to a place called Deluxe Fish & Chips, where I had the… wait for it… Fish & Chips! They were quite good, particularly the fish. After dinner, I decided to go for a short walk, since driving 8 hours is pretty much incompatible with doing my normal 8 mile walk. I walked into the sunset for an hour, taking a picture every few minutes until I got just the one I wanted.

Tomorrow, I head east to Nova Scotia. There’s a side trip to something called Joggins Fossil Cliffs. My timing might be off for a proper visit, though. The best time to hit it is at low tide, which is at 11:06 am tomorrow. That would require me being up and out of here by 8:30, at the latest, which doesn’t seem likely since 8:30 am is really 7:30 am for me, at least until/unless I can get used to the time change. I’m now on Atlantic time, which is an hour later than Eastern.

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