Halifax to Moncton, via a Wildlife Provincial Park

June 5, 2014 20:04 – 20:04

I was getting tired of all the rain in Halifax, so I’ve decided to go to a dryer forecast zone. It’s supposed to rain here in Moncton, tomorrow, so I’m heading south back to Maine to a rain-free forecast zone. I still haven’t firmly decided whether I’m going to be back in Boston this weekend, or maybe swing west to upstate NY rather than going home the eastern route.

First on my agenda this morning was the Wildlife Provincial Park in Shubenacadie. They have maybe 50 different species of wildlife native to Canada. As usual in such parks, I took way too many pictures. I’ll cull & show only the most interesting. The park has an overabundance of peahens and peacocks, all roaming freely.

There were some cute Canada goslings.

And a groundhog (woodchuck) who was busy not seeing his shadow.

After leaving the park, I set a course for a Sobey’s supermarket that was en route to my next major stop. Only, I goofed, and set the course for something called Masstown Market, instead. It was a very fortunate accident.

Masstown Market is a really cool combination country store, farm store, and a good place for lunch. It reminds me a bit of the Dutch Village Farmers Market in Upper Marlboro, MD. I had a roast beef sandwich which was pretty good, despite the fact the meat was well done. What it lacked in rareness it made up for in not tasting processed. I also had a cup of their seafood chowder, which was excellent–it had whole scallops and shrimp, some lobster, and some haddock.

Leaving Masstown, I set a course for Shediac, home of the world’s largest lobster. I’ve been there before, but not in the digital age.

From there, I made a beeline to Moncton. Seems that I should’ve been paying closer attention. There’s a bit of a situation in Moncton. Yesterday, there was a mass shooting of RCMP officers. At least three are dead, and the perp is still at large. He told other people he encountered that he’s shooting only police.

My first clue should have been the nearly empty highways and the lack of a rush hour. Everybody had the day off. The hotel presumed that everyone knows since it’s a world-wide news story. Only, I was listening to books rather than the news, and I haven’t been paying attention to my news feeds for the past few days.

The room at the Best Western Plus Moncton is quite nice, but very dark. So, I decided to head to Costco to buy some better bulbs. My second clue was a road block that prevented me from using the highway to reach Costco. My third clue was a sign on Costco saying it was closed until further notice for the safety of customers and employees. My fourth clue was the fact that all of the other stores were closed, too.

I flipped a coin and decided to head to the Tide & Boar (a tidal bore pun) for dinner. They were supposed to have really good lobster rolls. There, I finally learned about the “situation” from my waiter.

I also learned from my waiter that they’re serving their spring menu, which does not include lobster rolls. Instead, I had the beer batter cod, which was excellent, along with a pint of Stella.

After dinner, I had a walk around downtown Moncton—which has free wifi, by the way—since it was about 10 miles from where the manhunt was continuing. Along the way, I passed the RCMP HQ, where people have begun building a shrine with flowers and a small chalice.

Also downtown is Bore Park, where the tidal bore can be seen if your timing is right. Mine wasn’t, but I’ve seen it many times before.

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