Moncton to Scarborough

June 6, 2014 21:35 – 21:35

I’m at the Residence Inn in Scarborough, Maine, again. I’m in the same room as last time, too. I picked this location because it was south of the rain. Funny… that’s why I picked this location at the end of April, as well. In theory, I’m here for tonight & tomorrow night. The internet speed here is still meh.

The trip south from Moncton was mostly uneventful, except that the Houghton border crossing was awful. They were taking 2-3 minutes per car on average. With only 25 cars in front of me, this crossing would’ve normally taken only 5-10 minutes. If they had a Nexus lane (the didn’t) the crossing would’ve taken only a few seconds. Instead, it took over an hour! Crossing the other way—heading north—was a breeze.

I don’t know if today’s crossing was typical or if it was related to the Moncton shootings—even though the guy was caught 12 hours earlier. Both Canadian and US border patrol were questioning each driver and searching each car. They asked a lot of questions about weapons. I’ve never been stopped by Canadian officials when heading into the US before. Do they think Justin Bourque had accomplices?

Because of the lengthy crossing, my plan for a mid-afternoon stop at Red’s was thwarted. I might go tomorrow for lunch, although weekend lines at Red’s can be awful.

No pictures today. Oh, except for one—the sign that greeted me at Costco in Moncton yesterday.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to hike the eastern trail, and then get a lobster roll from somewhere for lunch.

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