Last Day in the Scarborough Area—ET and Rachel Carson

June 7, 2014 21:06 – 21:06

I made up for some of my short walking days today. I hiked 8.5 miles on the ET (Eastern Trail), and another 2 miles at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. My legs are tired, but happy. I’ve decided to take the eastern route home—taking the western route would mean a rainy drive on Monday.

I began today with a ham & cheese omelet in my room. Hotel eggs are generally pretty weak, and my omelets are impossible to beat. I suppose I should take a look at their offerings at least once, but so far, I haven’t been able to coax myself into getting out the door that early.

After breakfast & shower, I headed for a southern part of the ET, off of Old Blue Point Road, near a cemetery. This might’ve been a mistake, since the resulting hike wasn’t very photogenic. On the other hand, when I went to the same ET section where I went in April, it was infested with bugs, particularly these tiny black gnats that bite. I lasted only a few photographs there.

That was after lunch, by the way. Lunch was an encore visit to Scarborough Fish & Lobster, where I went back in April. Their lobster rolls are good, but they really need melted butter. Next time, I should do carryout and bring them back to the hotel for a proper buttering.

Along the cemetery leg, I took no pictures. So, after lunch, I headed for the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, which was a bit more photogenic. I saw very little wildlife, however… mostly pretty landscape and plants. I saw these odd but beautiful green pods. I have no idea what they were.

Views in the park were quite spectacular.

I’d heard about another park, and so I headed there, hoping to see more wildlife. On the road leading in, I saw a couple of wild turkeys! Here’s one of them.

The park where I was heading, however, was closed due to a gas leak. Go figure. That’s when I decided to revisit the ET section I’d visited in April. I felt lots of bugs, and saw no birds.

After leaving ET, I decided to give The Dairy Corner a try. I ordered a dish with one scoop of chocolate walnut and one scoop of butter pecan. It was wonderful.

Then I headed back to the hotel to recoup. Along about 7, I decided to call Alex and order carryout pizza. It was its usual deliciousness.

After pizza, I decided on a hotel for tomorrow night—a Comfort Inn that’s close to the Hingham Lobster Pound… Guess where I’m having dinner tomorrow night before heading up to Lucy Stone!


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