A letter from Verizon

June 18, 2014 14:10 – 14:10

I got a letter from Verizon telling me that my two-year price guarantee for my FiOS double-play (phone and internet) was about to expire, and the rate was going to increase to their normal bundle price. If I called before it expired, I would “enjoy a $15/mo. discount off [my] new regular bundle rate for two years.”

So, I called. The guy said “Your current rate is $95/month, and it’s scheduled to increase to $105/month. Good news—I can keep you at your current rate.”

“That’s not what the letter says,” I said. “That’s only $10 less than the regular bundle rate, and the letter says $15 less.”

After a few more minutes, he came back onto the line and said “Good news—your new rate would be $90/month!”

“Just like the letter says,” I replied. But, really, if I hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have gotten the discount.

Paying attention and vigilance pay off! And, here’s what I [continue to] get for my now $90/month:

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