Douglas, Massachusetts

June 24, 2014 18:02 – 18:02

I’m in Douglas, Massachusetts for the next week, while five of my nephews and their mother enjoy a free week in the DC area at my house. I looked at the cost of a hotel and parking in Providence—for General Assembly—and quickly noticed that it cost a good deal more to be in a tiny hotel room in a city for a week than it would cost to be in a huge house in the country. My introverted self won. And the winner is:


I have no idea where the wireless router is in this house, but the speed is acceptable. My guess is that it’s something like Cox or Comcast rather than Verizon. But, the speeds are acceptable.

I’m off now to buy some provisions. More, later.

Back now… I went to the Hannafords in Uxbridge. I’m covered for breakfast for the duration, and maybe a few lunches & dinners, depending Providence.

Speaking of fuel economy, the E250 Bluetec did well on the trip up.

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