Elkhart to Council Bluffs

July 9, 2014 20:26 – 20:26

I’m at the Comfort Suites in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just across the way from Omaha, Nebraska. It’s an older property that could stand some updating.

They appear to have the thermostat set so that the room temperature can’t be changed. It might end up being comfortable enough for sleeping—once I bring in a fan from the car. I suspect that they’ve done it this way on purpose, but getting the desk clerk to admit it ain’t gonna happen. Later: the thermostat is broken. By pushing it up as I turn it, I can get it to engage, but it’s not predictable or controllable. I will be able to get comfortable tonight, though.

The internet speed is middling par for the Comfort course.

For dinner, I decided to pick stuff up from the closest HyVee supermarket. I wasn’t expecting much—so I was very pleasantly surprised. HyVee is much like Wegman’s! When I got some hot chicken from the deli, they asked “For here, or to go?” I hadn’t noticed people eating there! There was a huge Asian food bar, hot food bar, salad bar, etc. While their bakery offerings aren’t as extensive as Wegman’s, they were surprisingly huge and complete. Best of all, their deli doesn’t close at 6 or 7 the way delis do back in Elkhart.

On the way to Council Bluffs from Elkhart, I decided to take a friend’s suggestion and visit Starved Rock State Park. Only two of the trails were open, unfortunately, due to a huge storm that came through a few days ago. And the park dude said that the waterfalls are basically dry in the summer time. I’d need to try again in the springtime. The views from Starved Rock, however, were worth the trip. Oh, and the park is free.


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