Council Bluffs to North Platte

July 11, 2014 09:04 – 09:04

I’m at the Fairfield Inn in North Platte, Nebraska. The internets here are actually pretty good.

I suspect that the download speed is usage dependent, but that’s not a bad first test. This morning, the speeds are about 15/15… still not awful.

Yesterday, I arose and decided to hit some of the locations/sights suggested by I began by heading for the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, which carries pedestrians between Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa.

I headed for the Nebraska side, then proceeded to walk back to Iowa. Here I am, walking back to Nebraska.

There were perhaps 100 or more people on the bridge yesterday morning when I was there, including summer camp children, bikers, joggers, and other tourists. What makes this better than the Wilson bridge is the fact that there are no cars and trucks making it noisy & polluting the air.

The bridge spans the mighty Missouri River. I’m not quite sure why, but the word “mighty” almost always appears before “Missouri River” in print. I’m not about to buck journalistic tradition.

There were also steamboats… maybe floating casinos—I don’t really know.

And some interesting sculptures I’m sure I should know something about, but don’t.

Omaha seems to have a number of building murals. Some look like well-hewn graffiti, while this one looks like it was probably commissioned. Visible from the bridge, I have no clue what the black squares were.

After leaving the bridge, I made my way to the Lauritzen Gardens. The gardens are nice, but lacking something. I guess the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia set the standard. Still, the Lauritzen Gardens are nothing to sneeze at (although, I did rediscover some floral allergies while I was there). Here’s a sampling of what I saw.

After leaving the gardens, I continued my way west, making a slight detour to see the largest time capsule in the world. I’ll post the picture when I next retrieve pictures from my car camera. It was a bit of a letdown.

Speaking of letdowns, last night for dinner, I decided to try the Whisky Creek Wood Fire Grill, in North Platte. There was a huge family group behind me—arguing, yelling, crying, and several kids who couldn’t stop banging on things. So, I donned my earbuds to damped the noise. I ordered the traditional prime rib, medium. It, the salad, and the bread all arrived simultaneously. So much for enjoying dinner. The prime rib was medium well, but had good flavor. Whisky Creek is part of a chain. I won’t be giving them another try. None of this was the fault of the beleaguered server, so I left her a generous tip, and a sympathetic smile.

Today, I continue my trek into the Mountain time zone. I’m reserved for the next two nights in Westminster, Colorado, on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.

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