Colorado Rockies

July 12, 2014 23:36 – 23:36

I’m in Westminster, at the edge of the Rockies. This is my second night. After arriving from Council Bluffs yesterday afternoon, I went for a hike on the trail behind the hotel. There’s a stream and a zillion bunnies, and last night there was a rainbow.

For dinner, I struck out three times trying to find a Mexican restaurant. The first had too long a wait. The second two were defunct. And, as Golda-lox discovered, the fourth was just right—3 Margaritas. I had my usual, steak fajitas, with an ice cold XX Amber. T’was a feast to be reckoned with.

This morning, I arose and struck out for the Mercedes dealer so I could buy a gallon of urine. This is in case my car runs out tomorrow or Monday in the desert. Both of the service dudes I dealt with had perfect Obama haircuts. I don’t know why—I didn’t ask.

After that, I made myself a roast beef & Swiss sandwich, and set out for the Rocky Mountain National Park—the NE entrance near Estes Park. After a picnic lunch, I had planned to drive across the part to Granby, and then complete a loop. But, by 2 pm, I was weary of all the slow cars, and had seen plenty of snow and creatures, and decided to turn around and come back the way I went.

Two of the more interesting things I saw were a Bush-tailed woodrat and a Clark’s nutcracker. Here’s the woodrat.

And here’s Clark’s nutcracker (that’s Clark of Lewis & Clark).

At about 12,700 feet, there was a large herd of elks grazing on tundra. At one point, they decided to cross the road. I think a chicken must’ve told them to do it. Here are a few resting.

The snow level was at about 8 or 9 thousand feet. Here’s my obligatory picture of snow in July.

There was snow close enough I could’ve walked on, but I decided to heed the signs warning visitors not to do so. Here are some folks who were ignoring the signs to stay off the tundra.

Sign? What sign?

Along the way on US 36, going through Lyons, I suddenly remembered the horrible flooding from September of 2013, when something like 10 inches of rain fell in a very short period of time. The pictures I saw at the time didn’t do the destruction justice. Even 10 months after the flood, there are still shattered pieces of houses, ripped from their foundations, littering the banks of the “small” river that runs alongside US 36.

In Estes Park, I saw a reminder of why some folks travel to Colorado. I’m not a user, just an amuser.

For dinner last night, pizza research led me to bypass one dubbed as having the “healthiest pizza in Westminster”. If I want healthy, I’ll eat a salad… without dressing and without bacon. I settled on a place called Infinitus Pie. Their pizza was good, albeit not in the same class with Pizza by Alex in Biddeford, or Faccia Luna in Alexandria. Infinitus Pie makes just one size—but they offer five different kinds of crusts, myriad different sauces, and scads of toppings. The unlimited topping pizza costs just $8. The salad (with bacon and dressings) was pretty good, too, although I would’ve preferred Italian dressing (they had three choices, none of which I particularly like… so I chose balsalmic).

Tomorrow morning, I set off for places yet unknown (I’m still planning and plotting). All I know for certain at this point is that I need to be in Henderson, Nevada on Tuesday morning. Tentatively, I’ll be going to see dinosaur fossils in Jenson, Utah tomorrow afternoon, then spending the night in Vernal. And, speaking of night, here’s a nice shot of tonight’s sunset from the hotel window.

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