Jensen and Vernal, Utah: Dinosaurs and Vistas

July 13, 2014 23:25 – 23:25

I’m in Vernal, Utah, after having spent the afternoon looking at dinosaur bones. I’m at the Springhill Suites, where the internet speed is minimally acceptable.

In theory, this is after the upgrade. I say in theory, because the before and after speeds are identical.

The Dinosaur National Monument Quarry is a building that’s built into a rock wall, housing and protecting the quarry.

Inside, still in the rock after partial excavation, are the remains of about 100 large dinosaurs. Their bones created a logjam, as such, while the remains of smaller animals were swept downstream and destroyed. Another 300 or so large dinosaur remains were removed and placed in different museums throughout the U.S.

Some of what’s still in the rock is amazing.

And, here’s a dinosaur skull.

Here’s how you’re welcomed to Vernal. Vernal is to dinosaurs as Roswell is to aliens.

See those flowers? There are lots of those lining the main street through Vernal.

For dinner, I had a roast beef & Swiss sandwich using items procured in Westminster. After dinner, I drove around the area a bit. I wanted to get as close as I could to the desert terrain surrounding the valley where Vernal “lives”. I thought that the tan stuff was rock. But, it turns out that it’s dried mud and dirt.

Parts of the area surrounding Vernal look like painted desert.

I drove up to Steinaker Reservoir, where there were some good views.

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