Henderson to San Clemente

July 15, 2014 20:45 – 20:45

I’m at the Comfort Suites in San Clemente. It’s an older hotel, and the AC just barely works. I’m really glad I have a fan with me—because I’m going to need it. The internet speed is abysmal:

The drive down from Henderson was uneventful—just a few no unexpected traffic jams. There were a number of small mountain passes en route, which temporarily reduced the car’s fuel economy to 41.3 MPG. By the time I got here, however, it was back up to 42 MPG for the trip… just over 3,100 miles, so far since I left Virginia.

I had the 10K mile service done at the M dealer in Henderson. Everything looked fine until I looked in the well where the AdBlue goes. They got some kind of white stuff all over the place—and didn’t clean it up. I suspect that they don’t have much experience with AdBlue and let it splash.

For dinner, I went to Alfonso’s of La Jolla—which my Garmin pronounces as Lane Jolla (J as in Jock). Alfonso’s was its usual deliciousness. I ordered a la carte—a shredded beef burrito and a shredded beef enchilada, with rice & beans on the size. Yum.

Alfonso’s turned out to be a bit further than I’d reckoned—about a 100 mile round trip. Still, it was worth the drive. One of these days, I’m going to have to stay *in* La Jolla so I can try some of the other restaurants there. But, when I have time for only one meal in La Jolla during a visit to SoCal… it’s gotta be Alfonso’s—every time! I’ll be closer to La Jolla for the next four nights, but I’ll have less time to get away (I think). So, I went to Alf’s while the opportunity presented itself.

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