San Diego to Bakersfield… Emphasis on “Bake”

July 20, 2014 21:51 – 21:51

I’m in Bakersfield, California, where it’s about 100 dry degrees. The room temperature says it’s currently 79… I hope it comes down. My fan is definitely being used.

I can’t complain about the internet speed, though.

I arose at 6 am—readying myself for the transition to MDT, which happens tomorrow, when I get to Utah. I decided to head to church for the first service, which then gave me time to get back to the hotel to pack up the car, and then back to church for the closing circle.

So… what was good about the conference hotel was the breakfast. Copious amounts of scrambled eggs, bacon, and delicious sausages. There might’ve been other offerings, but, once you’ve said eggs, bacon, and sausage… what else matters? The bed & pillows were also comfortable. I was especially pleased that the beds weren’t 4 feet off the floor.

What was bad about the hotel was a lack of a microwave in the room, the poorly functioning AC (I always felt humid in the room, and never cool enough), and the very poor quality of the upstairs neighbors—a girls’ basketball team, I was told.

The service at the church was kind of meh in my opinion. First, the choral choices were awful, IMO. Possibly because they were awful, the execution wasn’t great. The entrances were never quite exactly correct. And, on the longest piece, the choir kept dropping the pitch—creating a warbling effect between their voices and that of the pipe organ. Fortunately, for the second service, the choir director canned the pipe organ for that piece, so the dropping of pitch wasn’t as noticeable. The sermon was also fairly meh. I don’t know if the minister was having an off-day, or if the delivery is always that blah. I actually nodded off during it. True, I was functioning on too little sleep, but I don’t believe I’ve ever fallen asleep during a UU church sermon before.

In any case, after closing circle and a few more hugs, I hit the road. I had planned to meet up with a Virginia refugee, but her dog got sick, and so we canceled the rendezvous. I ended up stopping at In-N-Out burger for a late lunch. This one was better than the one I had in SF last year, but still hardly worth the hoopla. Five Guys does (do?) a much better job.

The drive up from SD was California-normal. That means there was a mixture of fast and slow traffic, with inexplicable periods of congestion. All told, however, the trip didn’t take much longer than I thought. I averaged 44.4 MPG. Because of all of the uphill driving in SD, the trip average is now down to 41.3. I guess I’ll see if I can get it back up to 42.

For dinner, I checked out a few reviews and settled on La Costa Mariscos. It was a good choice. I had the shrimp fajita burrito—it was excellent. Although, once again, I forgot to ask for whole beans instead of refried. One of these days, I’ll remember.

Back in the hotel room, I finally picked a route for the next leg of my journey. I’m avoiding Oregon because of all of the fires, and have reserved tomorrow night at the Springhill Suites in Provo, Utah.

I don’t have any pictures to include. If the hotel elevator weren’t so slow, I’d retrieve the car camera. Oh, wait. I do have one picture—of my dinner.

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