From Beaver to Butte to Spearhead

July 24, 2014 00:04 – 00:04

I’m in Spearhead, South Dakota. I forgot to blog last night from Butte. The internet speed in Butte—at the Hampton Inn—by the way, was about 3Mbps… for which I had to pay extra. The free speed was about 520K, at best. For dinner, I got a chicken salad and some chili from Wendy’s. Not a bad dinner, actually. Here are a few pictures that sum up the trip from Beaver to Butte.

On the way from Butte to Spearhead, I stopped at Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park, in Montana.

I also stopped to take a couple of pictures of some random proletariat statues in Billings.

For dinner tonight, I opted for Guadalajara Mexican. It was delicious!

Tomorrow, I’m reserved in Mankato, which sounds like it should be in Japan, but is in Minnesota.

The internet speed in Spearhead is 1.5Mbps. Meh. Certainly not high speed.




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