Tulsa to Amarillo

October 8, 2014 23:52 – 23:52

I’m at the Comfort Suites in Amarillo, Texas. This one:

The internet was completely out when I checked in. It finally came to life sometime after 9 pm—but wired only. The speed is 10 down and 1 up. It’s taking forever to upload the half dozen pictures that were keepers from today. I haven’t checked to see if the hotel’s wireless is back up yet… no need, since I have my own wireless router for access via their wired port.

This morning, I decided to take in a few local Tulsa area sights before hitting the road to Yellow, Texas. Okay, so it’s Amarillo. In any event, last night’s hotel in Tulsa goes onto my “avoid” list. Tonight’s Comfort Suites… the jury is still out. I’ll see how breakfast goes in the morning.

I started out at Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Tulsa. It’s a pretty park, but the trails are a bit too rocky and steep for my tastes. I only did about a mile there. I didn’t want to risk tripping and breaking anything. I saw several interesting butterflies, but they refused to pose. I did get a couple of decent wildflower photos.

After leaving there, I drove to the largest UU church in the world, All Souls Unitarian, in Tulsa. It’s a huge sprawling church that just kept expanding. If they want to continue to expand, I think they might need to move. They’re running out of building room on their property. Here’s a shot of the original portion of the building… this is about a quarter of the current size.

Leaving Tulsa, I stopped at a grocery store to pick up some meat & cheese for a lunch sandwich, then set the GPS for Red Rock Canyon State Park, in the western part of the state, in Hinton, OK. After scoping out the park, I stopped for a picnic under what turned out to be a walnut tree. Did I mention that it was windy? Mother Nature kept lobbing these at me:

Fortunately, none hit me. After lunch, I took a few shots of the red cliff faces in the park.

Then, I hit the road for Amarillo. Amarillo is at about 3,500 feet above sea level. When I arrived, it was a dry 93 degrees. Albuquerque is at about 5,300 feet, so tomorrow will be uphill, on average.

For dinner, I decided to take the net’s recommendation, and went to El Tejavan. Meh. I misread the menu, and ordered something I didn’t care for—Enchiladas montadas. The enchilada sauce wasn’t to my liking—too bitter. And… there wasn’t enough meat (beef al pastor). And… there were two over-easy fried eggs on top. Yuck. The chips were almost tasteless. I’m sure that some of that is because my ability to taste is still recovering from zinc poisoning. But, mostly, they were just not great chips. And, the salsa was a bit too canned tasting. Fresh salsa would’ve been a great improvement. The highlight of the meal, as it turned out, was the tortilla soup, which had a nice flavor, as well as huge chunks of chicken in it. Oh, and the charro beans were quite good. I left a 35% tip because the waitress was very attentive, and might’ve actually been flirting with me (not that I would know—I have no flirt-dar).

Tomorrow, I hit the road for Albuquerque. I hope the vitamin C I’ve been taking today helps keep the beginning of a cold from becoming full-blown. With a singing gig on Sunday, the last thing I need is to lose my voice.

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