Amarillo to Albuquerque

October 9, 2014 22:48 – 22:48

I’m in the South Valley area of Albuquerque, I think. I’m at the green 1.

The drive over from Amarillo was pretty smooth—no traffic to speak of, and just a little bit of rain. There’s a 40% chance of rain tonight and a 20% chance tomorrow, early in the day. I’ll have to check to see what—if anything—is happening at the Balloon Fiesta.

On the way down, I stopped to see the Blue Hole, in Santa Rosa, NM. There’s a Blue Hole in Ohio, too… in Castalia. I’m not sure which one is more impressive. I snapped a few photos. This one gives the basic stats:

There’s actually a system of 5 different lakes that are connected underground. Blue Hole is a very popular location for scuba diving. Santa Rosa is the scuba diving capital of the southwest. I did see several people swimming in the pool/lake, but I didn’t see any divers.

The clouds created a nice backdrop for the hole.

For dinner tonight, I decided on carry-out pizza from Amadeo’s Pizza. It seemed like it was pretty good, but my tasting ability is pretty bad. The sauce was exceedingly spicy, though, and they use monster size pepperoni.

Tomorrow, I’ll see what the weather’s like and decide. I really need to go for a hike, though. On my list of possibilities are the Petroglyph National Monument and Jimez Springs.

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