Albuquerque Area, Day 2

October 11, 2014 00:08 – 00:08

Today was a partially successful day. I began the day at the Petroglyph National Monument. I took pictures. Here are some of them. I think this is coyote poop.

As I looked at the petroglyphs, I wondered if any were inspired by animal dung.

I kept seeing these animal burrows:

And I eventually discovered the source—spotted ground squirrels.

This one looked to me like the star fruit from a cactus.

A chief, perhaps:

This one reminded me of the kokopelli, but upon looking at other pictures, I don’t think so.

Despite being warned about rattlesnakes, this Minnesotan kept venturing off the path to get close-ups with her less-than-capable camera. She might’ve been flirting with me, but I have no flirt-dar, so as usual, I didn’t respond.

I thought this one was cool, how it wraps the edge of the rock.

And, there was a bird!


The hand print on this one was exactly the same size as my hand!

This was a very busy surface.

The rocks there were mostly volcanic. I noticed at least four different kinds.

Oh, and these huge bugs.

And scary ants!

And wildflowers.

And cactus fruit.

Then, I went to Rio Grande Nature Center State Park. I took more pictures. Here are some of them. There were the elusive dragonflies.

There’s this canal that runs through the park.

And a house finch.

En route to RGNCSP, I decided to stop at Blake’s Lotaburger to use the restroom and to try them. A sign on the restroom indicated that you needed to ask permission to pee. I said “Fuck this shit”, and left. I guess I’ll never know how Lotaburger’s food is.

After leaving RGNCSP, I stopped at an Albertson’s and picked up some fried chicken and apples. That was lunch.

I had planned to go to the Balloon Fiesta to see the shapes balloon glow. On the way there, it started raining. I gave up, and went to Old Town to try to find a place for dinner. I settled on The Original Hacienda. I had beef fajitas. They were okay, but nothing special. My tasting ability is still impaired—maybe 50%.

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