Veterans Day Sex

November 12, 2014 10:09 – 10:09

Yesterday where I live, many workers had the day off, but schools were in session. I gathered from some Facebook friends that this phenomenon wasn’t just peculiar to the DC area (where it’s expected, since there are so many federal employees here). Holidays on which the kids are in school, but the parents aren’t at work are rare. This made me wonder whether there might be some observable effect on the birth rate, 9 months hence. (Yes, I’m a data geek… demography was one of my areas in my doctoral studies).

So, I went in search of data. I’m still looking for data I can analyze myself, but this graph I found at is suggestive. It shows the daily distribution of birth dates from 480,040 insurance policy applications made between 1981 through 1994.

Notice the peak in the latter part of the first half of August—exactly 9 months after November 11th! Bingo! You did that, America! Happy Veterans Day!

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