Space Rays

January 3, 2015 10:27 – 10:27

I just read Jason Sheehan’s review of A Sound of Thunder & Other Stories by Ray Bradbury. While reading, I suddenly realized that I’ve never seen Ray Bradbury (a fellow UU, by the way). Even so, anytime I hear Bradbury’s name, I see a mental picture… of Ray Walston! It’s probably because of Ray Walston’s role as My Favorite Martian. So, I googled Bradbury, and clearly see that he looked nothing at all like Walston. Even so, I’ll probably continue to picture Marty the Martian any time I see or hear Bradbury’s name.

Bradbury is on the left, and Walston’s on the right in the picture shown here. The hat is probably covering up Walston’s Martian antennae.

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