Home to Albany to Dedham

April 1, 2015 23:52 – 23:52

I’m at the Fairfield Inn in Dedham, Massachusetts. The hotel is a little funky, but the room is clean and not too noisy (so far). The internet speed is surprisingly fast, though.

Last night, at the Springhill Suites in Albany, the premium internet speed was only about 8Mbps—the free rate was only about 3Mbps. What it lacked in internet speed, however, it made up for in a nice room with a great western view for the evening sunset.

On the way up from Virginia, I went west so I could sample Gunpowder Falls State Park. I went to the Hereford area. It was kind of a bust. I’ll try some different areas in the future.

Tonight, I met Liz at Le’s Restaurant (Vietnamese) in The Garage, in Cambridge. The food was delicious, and the service was very fast. Afterward, we went to the service at The Sanctuary Boston. It was its usual awesome.

Tomorrow, I might head home. A lot depends on solar weather. If an aurora is likely, I’ll head north. If not, I’ll head south.

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