Artificial Sweeteners and A1C

April 29, 2015 17:02 – 17:02

Last August, after reading so much stuff about how Splenda and other non-stevia sweeteners might affect one’s blood glucose, I completely stopped drinking all sodas (diet and sugared) and stopped using all artificial sweeteners except for stevia. And, when I sweeten with stevia, the resulting tea or coffee is not nearly as sweet tasting as the tea and coffee I sweetened with Splenda.

The benchmark test for diabetes is the A1C. It basically tells you how sugar-coated your blood cells have been over the past 3 months.

I just got my A1C results back and… it’s now significantly higher than it was 8 months ago before I gave up all those sweeteners. My weight is the same as it was before I stopped using those sweeteners, and I didn’t replace them with sugar. The only significant change is that I gave up beverages that I love.

So, for me at least, I’ve concluded that the idea that diet sodas and Splenda were causing my high A1C results… is bullshit.

Coke Zero, Spenda, and Sprite Zero–I’ve missed you. Welcome back!

I’m just one person, and your results might vary. However, since dropping those didn’t give me better test results, I see no reason to continue depriving myself.

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