Hotel Room Hacks

May 30, 2015 07:58 – 07:58

I’m at the Comfort Suites in Rochester, NY. The internet speed is about 1Mbps Down and 500K Up. I.e.—very slow. Also, the hotel doesn’t have automatic doors at the front, which means that one person has fun trying to get the luggage cart in/out. Other than that, however, the hotel is pretty comfortable. I thought I’d use my current room to demonstrate several ways that I make my hotel rooms more comfortable and usable for my purposes.

When I travel, I often repurpose hotel room objects in ways that the hotel probably doesn’t contemplate. Sometimes, I move the furniture so that it better suits me. Other times, I use objects to enhance the utility of the room.

This particular Comfort Suites (in Rochester, NY), for example, has the coffeemaker and accompanying objects in a nice deep tray that’s about 2 inches deep. To reduce neck and eye strain, your laptop should be higher than you normally keep it. If the room has phone books, bibles, or other thick things, I use those to elevate my laptop to a more comfortable level. No such books in this room, but that coffeemaker tray makes a nice laptop elevator.

Another “problem” in this room is that the working desk & chair are too close to the A/C unit. With the unit turned off, the room gets too warm. But, with it turned on, the flow of air freezes my right arm off. So, I can either relocate the desk and chair, or I can do something about the air flow.

The problem with most hotel AC/Heat units is that the grill is sloped, so whatever you put over it to deflect the air slides right off. This is where those 3-ring binders hotels love come in handy. The rings fit into the louver openings and keep the binder in place. Air still comes out of the right side of the unit, so the room still says cool enough.

You know how hotel curtains often gape and let light in, disturbing your sleep? Most of the hotels where I stay provide a ready solution—those closet hangers that have built-in clothespins! This wasn’t really necessary in this room, but it often is, and when it is, this is what I do.

As a courtesy to those who clean the rooms, I return things to their “natural” places before I check out. But, there’s no reason I can’t improve my comfort level while I’m here.

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