Action through My Bedroom Window!

June 7, 2015 09:08 – 09:08

A lot of wild action could be seen through my bedroom window this morning. I know—you’re shocked! “You live right next to a church, for crying out loud! There are young kids in the neighborhood!”

Let them get their own damn groundhogs.

When I looked out the window this morning–without my glasses–I noticed something large in my yard that didn’t belong. I thought maybe it was a fallen branch or a fox. So, I put my glasses on and saw a groundhog standing on its hind legs–prairie dog style. By, the time I got my camera to the window, he had disappeared into the brush. However, within a minute or two, this one and a baby had appeared on the scene.

This female was further out in the yard, close to where the large (the one that got away) male had been earlier.

I did manage to get her in several other poses, but not standing up all the way. Next time, I hope.

Stretched out, she was about half a metre long, from nose to tail.

The baby was nosing around my standby generator, about two metres from the master bath’s window.

I need to put a video monitor in my back yard so I can know when it’s time to head to my window with the camera!


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