Home to Holy Toledo

June 17, 2015 21:21 – 21:21

I’m at the Comfort Suites on Helen Street in Perrysburg, Ohio. Note to self: don’t stay here again. The hallway doorways are depressingly narrow—making it difficult to push a luggage cart down the hall. Also, the luggage cart has pneumatic tires, adding to the difficulty. And, the lighting in the rooms is depressingly inadequate. The internet is also abysmally slow. Download speed is minimally acceptable, but upload speed is horrendous. I thought I’d stayed here before—apparently, not. I think I confused it with the one in Maumee. Next time, Maumee maybe.

The ride to Ohio was pretty smooth, once I escaped the gravitational pull of DC’s rush hour. I averaged 44.4 MPG from home—and 46.2 MPG from Frederick, MD.

I stopped for lunch at the Ohio Welcome plaza in Mahoning. Their featured restaurant is Panera. Why do they let you specify what you want on your sandwich if they’re just going to ignore half of the instructions? I ordered roast beef on whole grain with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and mayo. I told them to hold the tomatoes, onions, and horseradish sauce. They ignored the mayo request, and included the latter three. I’ve only been to Panera a few times, and they have NEVER gotten my order right. Nice to see that their Ohio stores are just as inept as their Virginia stores. Consistency.

After lunch, I set a course for Viaduct Park, on the Cuyahoga River, near Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I’ll have to stop at the latter sometime. A Facebook friend had posted some pictures from Viaduct Park a while back, and I was curious. There’s a waterfall and rapids.

There’s also an Argh! Okay, so it’s really arch. But, it was easy to misread.

For dinner tonight, I got carryout from Tony Packo’s. It’s still delicious. Oh, and on the way to Kroger’s to buy some cerveza to go with Tony’s, I passed a combination Tim Horton’s/Chipotle. That’s a first (for me, anyway).

Tomorrow, I continue west, as far as West Des Moines, in Iowa. I “gain” an hour because I’m going into the Central time zone.

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