Toledo to West Des Moines

June 19, 2015 08:43 – 08:43

I spent last night at the Springhill Suites in West Des Moines, Iowa. The rooms could be a bit better isolated, but compared with my previous night’s Comfort Suites in Perrysburg, this place is pretty nice. Internets are about 4/4 (I didn’t upgrade to the fastest—4/4 was okay for my purposes).

From Ohio to where I am is slightly uphill, and there were LOTS of construction zones along I-80. I averaged 42 MPG in yesterday’s stretch, and now 42.8 for the trip so far. I expect it to go down today, as I head up through New Braska to Wyoming. Wyoming’s average elevation is above 8,000 feet. I’ll be at the Springhill Suites in Cheyenne, tonight.

On the way west, I stopped at Lower Rock Run Preserve, which is adjacent to the I&M Canal. I did a very short hike and ate a picnic lunch. There were lots of these flowers there:

Last night, sunset was scheduled for around 21:00, and there were lots of interesting clouds, so I figured it’d be a good sunset night. After picking up Asian food from HyVee (pretty good for supermarket hot food), I ate it in my room, then headed out for a sunset photoshoot at about 20:30.

I found a ball field with some pretty good views to the west. Just to the west of the ball field, is Ridge Pointe Park.

At peak, sunset was pretty spectacular.

It got more purplish as the sun fell.

There were also some rabbits noshing on the lush grass.

Today, I head to Mountain Time. It’s going to be a longish drive day, so I guess I’ll get myself started.

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