West Des Moines to Cheyenne

June 19, 2015 20:40 – 20:40

I’m at the Springhill Suites in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Acceptable download, very slow upload:

The trip here was mostly uneventful until about 100 miles east of Cheyenne. As we were passing 4,000 feet elevation, the 18-wheeler right next to me blew out his driver’s side back tire. The explosion sounded like a gun, and the debris hit the side of my car. At first, I thought there was damage to my car, but when I checked it at the next exit, everything looked fine. Whew. Close call.

I stopped for a picnic lunch at Mormon State Park. I was hopeful that it would be pretty scenic, but it was disappointing. It was right next to the interstate—and very loud. Worse, it was heavily bugged. So, I ate quickly, took a few pictures, and left.

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