Cheyenne to Denver

June 20, 2015 17:14 – 17:14

I’m at the Springhill Suites in Westminster, Colorado. The obligatory internet speed posting:

This place is littered with rabbits. When I went out to my car earlier—at about 17:00—there were two bunnies under my car. They weren’t nearly as frightened as they should’ve been. I guess they’ve gotten used to humans.

I stopped at the Two Ponds NWR and Lake Arbor Park on the way down from Cheyenne. Two Ponds NWR features two short trails—Loop 1 and Loop 2. I walked both. The most interesting thing I saw was a sky battle between a redtail hawk and some redwing blackbirds. At one point, four redwings were diving at the hawk, which might’ve been holding a redwing blackbird in its talons. Upon reflection, I think it was an optical illusion.

And, here’s the shot that let me ID what kinds of birds were doing the chasing:

I couldn’t tell what kind of bird this one was. It was very small, though.

There were also views of distant snowy mountains from the NWR.

The most interesting sighting at the Lake Arbor Park was what might’ve been an albino mallard:

It was swimming with several mallard ducklings.

There were some great views at the lake, as well.

And, of course, more snowy mountain views.

I’m singing at the UU Church of Boulder tomorrow morning… which is why I’m here, en route to the UUA General Assembly in Portland, Oregon.

For dinner, I got delivery pizza from Pudge Brothers. It was okay—nothing to write home about.

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