Burley to Portland

June 24, 2015 02:04 – 02:04

I’m at the Garden Cottage in Northeast Portland, Oregon. I’m here for the UUA’s annual General Assembly. And, as usual, here’s my internet speed report:

It’s by far the best speed of the trip. As of my arrival in Portland, I logged 3,295 miles, averaging 41.3 MPG. This means I used 79.78 gallons of clean diesel to get here… at an average price of $2.90/gallon, that means transportation cost was about $340, plus maybe $100 in tolls. Hotels have averaged $120/night, or about $720 for six nights, and food has been cheap… maybe $20/day at most on average, so $120. So, about $1,180, not including depreciation on my car. It might’ve been cheaper to fly—even first class—but, I wouldn’t have gotten to sing in the Boulder UU church, and I wouldn’t have gotten to take as many pictures.

Speaking of pictures… While today was mostly a driving day, I did get a few pictures at Memaloose State Park, in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic area.

The name Memaloose comes from the Chinook language, and means (gulp) dead, corpse, or death.

The island in the middle of the picture was called Memaloose Illahee by natives in this area–which translates roughly into graveyard or place of the dead. Lewis & Clark named it Sepulcher Island. I infer that it’s where they put their dead people.

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