Portland to Calgary via Kamloops

June 30, 2015 21:11 – 21:11

I’m at the Residence Inn in Calgary, where I’ve paid $5 extra for a higher speed internet connection:

Last night, at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Kamloops, the speed was 3up/1down, and not really sufficient for Skyping. More, later.

It’s later. Uploading was fast enough. I stopped in Banff National Park to revisit Lake Louise. The glacier sure has shrunken since my last visit. The glacial remnants don’t even come halfway down the mountain now. When I first visited, the glacier extended all the way into the lake.

Worse (IMO), they’ve turned the lake into a canoe recreation area. This stuff was built/installed since my last visit.

But, Clark’s nutcrackers were still there, at least.

I also stopped and took some pictures of the Bow River.

And Mt. Rundle, which looks like a huge rock shelf that was lifted up and now sits at an angle.

After arriving in Calgary, a long-time Microsoft MVP friend’s family took me to dinner. I got to meet her husband, son, and daughter. I didn’t realize they were from France originally. Dinner at Earl’s was great, as was the conversation.

Tomorrow, I head towards Regina. I guess I should take a look and see what sights I should see along the way.

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