Huntley Meadows on August 1st 2015

August 1, 2015 16:29 – 16:29

I don’t usually blog my local visits to Huntley Meadows. But, I’m going to try to change that, even if I end up posting more pictures and not a lot of text.

At about 7 this morning, I decided to get an early start at Huntley Meadows. So, naturally, one delay led to another, and I didn’t actually leave the house until after 9 am. This might’ve been fortuitous, however, because I did manage to get some nice pictures that happenstance might not have served up earlier.

Right after entering the boardwalk, I could hear the sweet song of a common yellowthroat. But, it was lost in the bright yellow-green foliage of a tree, so I didn’t see it. Shortly after that, however, I did spot a nice American goldfinch in a less foliated tree.

At the time, I didn’t realize that as I was leaving the boardwalk, I would stumble upon more goldfinches—and even closer. A cluster of four—one female and three male—were very close to the boardwalk.

Venturing further, my next bit of good fortune was this juvenile little blue heron (still white), which had just caught a fish.

When this bird grows a little older, its white will be replaced, and it should look like this mature little blue heron, which I photographed in Corkscrew Preserve in Florida, in 2014.

My next stop, I managed to capture a female ruby-throated hummingbird digging into some trumpet flowers, just past the observation tower. These are the clearest hummingbird pictures I’ve managed to date!

Here, she’s resting.

Next stop, I found a green heron, with bits of green you can actually see for a change:

Apparently, this one is also into yoga. I don’t know about yoga poses, but I’m calling this one downward facing bird.

A little further down, I caught some good shots of what I now think is an eastern phoebe.

And, finally, I finally managed to see and photograph a gray gnatcatcher!



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