From Sarasota to West Palm Beach, via Corkscrew

January 24, 2016 23:12 – 23:12

Today, I drove from Sarasota to West Palm Beach, via the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. There weren’t as many birds visible there today as the past few times, but I did see two new birds for my life list—a black and white warbler and a yellow-bellied flycatcher. In fact, I saw a bunch of the latter. Here are two.

I also finally got some definitive shots of several red shouldered hawks, which were very plentiful in Corkscrew today.

I also saw a couple of raccoons, but couldn’t get a clear shot of either. This is the best I could manage of a raccoon that had stationed himself under a bird feeding station, catching the spillage.

The other new bird for my life list was the black and white warbler.

I also saw a few more black crowned night herons. Why they aren’t called blue crowned night herons is a mystery to me.

I also accidentally photographed this lizard. It might be an anole.

After leaving Corkscrew, I set a course for the Springhill Suites in West Palm Beach. The internet speed here sucks—only about 2Mbs before the $5 upgrade, and only double that after buying the upgrade.

For dinner, I decided to revisit Tacos al Carbon, which Karen & I visited in 2010 on our last blizzard flight trip. I raved over their food back then, but tonight’s wasn’t great. It really needed salsa or something. I had two burritos—one shredded beef and the other with carne asada. Both could have benefitted from guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and pico de gallo. I think my own good Tex-Mex cooking has spoiled me for restaurant Tex-Mex.

I haven’t picked out a destination for tomorrow and tomorrow night yet. There are several good refuges north of here. I need to pick one, and then decide where to stay.

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