Charleston to Lumberton, Coastal Route

January 27, 2016 22:33 – 22:33

I’m at the Springhill Suites in Lumberton, NC. This is my last night on the road for this trip. The free internet speed here is about 2 Mbps. I paid for the upgrade to about 8 Mbps. Contrast this with last night’s internet speed in Charleston, which was about 30 Mbps for free. Really, hotels. Stop charging extra for crappy speeds.

On the way up, I tried to find the Cape Romain NWR. Turns out—according to a guy in Santee Coastal Reserve—that Cape Romain NWR is accessible only by boat. I really wish NWRs would find a systematic way of providing “how to visit” information so people didn’t waste time & fuel going to dead-end locations. Here’s what I found when I followed the signs to the refuge.

Apparently, you’re supposed to catch a boat. Standing on the beginning of the pier, I did see my one and only bird “in” the refuge—a great egret.

I then decided to ask my phone to take me to the refuge. The second dead end was even less refugey than the first, so I gave up and drove to the Santee Coastal Reserve, instead. It was much better. I was worried when the signs said it was on Gun Club Road. Fortunately, my worries were salved.

When I found out there was a boardwalk, I was optimistic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see a single bird or alligator! But, there was another trail, which led to the Marsh Trail, which did have at least a few birds, as well as a huge splashing alligator, which was too fast for my camera reflexes.

The Marsh Trail hike netted me a new bird—a western kingbird!

As I was leaving, I saw that they were doing a controlled burn. Fortunately, the wind was blowing from my right to my left.

After leaving the Reserve, I headed for Drunken Jacks, my favorite seafood restaurant, which, until today, had never let me down. I ordered the hushpuppies (which are served with honey-butter, and which were their usual wonderful) and she crab soup. The latter was the letdown. The flavor was fine, but the soup was way too salty—to salty to finish, in fact. The waiter took it off my tab, bringing my bill down to $7.xx. I said thanks by leaving her a $5 tip.

After lunch, I stopped at a Malwart to buy some u-wear so I wouldn’t have to do laundry… or worse, wear dirty briefs. Then, I drove apace to Lumberton. Note to self: South Carolina is very trafficky.

For dinner tonight, I decided to revisit Fuller’s Old Fashion BBQ, which Karen & I discovered a number of years ago. It’s probably been 10 years since my last visit. Like most NC BBQ restaurants, the sauce the provide is heavy on the vinegar. So, I liked the fried chicken more than the pork. Their BBQ with the sauce of my choosing could be pretty good.

Tomorrow… I’m homeward bound.

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