Home to Buford to Monroe (LA)

February 19, 2016 00:09 – 00:09

I’m at the Comfort Suites in Monroe, LA. The king semi-suite is spacious—with wired and wireless. The speed is about 12 Mbps—better than most. Last night I was in the Springhill Suites in Buford, Georgia. Paid internet was about 8; unpaid was only about 1.2. The Buford room was huge—but there was no desk—just a small round table. On the positive side, the table was easy to relocate to a more useful location.

I need to make a note to remember not to stay east of Atlanta when I’m going to be heading west the next day. I85 has express lanes—but they require the Peach Pass, which is specific to Georgia. Georgia could take lessons from the northeast, the Midwest, and California. Getting west of Atlanta was arduous.

Last night (Wednesday night), I tried to visit a local BBQ favorite in Buford, GA—Praise the Lard. Unfortunately, they’d just run out of meat. Really? Go figure. So, I went to Sonny’s, instead. I’ve been to a number of Sonny’s in the past, and their food is good. But, I was in the mood to try a non-chain.

On the way west, I planned to visit Mountain Longleaf NWR. That plan fizzled, too. I went there, but the roads leading into the interesting areas required a lot more clearance than my car has. The CrossTrek could’ve handled it—but, I sold it last month.

So, I got back on the highway and continued west. On a whim, at one point, I ask the Garmin to show all attractions along the route. By some odd twist, the Mercedes Museum was just 3 miles ahead! I decide to go ahead and stop.

They have a number of models from throughout Mercedes’ production history. Ever wonder why the storage compartment on a car is called a trunk? This 1927 K-Model demonstrates why.

Can’t tell from that angle? How about now?

Also of interest to me was the very first automobile, manufactured by Mercedes.

Next to it is the first motorcycle—made by Daimler.

Doesn’t look all that comfortable, does it? They also have the very first motorized carriage, also made by Daimler.

Tonight for dinner, I had decided to try a local favorite for fried chicken—Southern Classic. Would you believe I struck out again…? They’re drive-through only, and they were out of dark meat, and 20 minutes away from a batch. I’m not partial to white meat, because most places overcook it. So… strike two. Instead, I went to a national chain. It was good, but I was in the mood to try something local. Oh, well.

Tomorrow morning, I’m planning to visit the Black Bayou Lake NWR, which is about 10 miles north of me. Hopefully, it’s more accessible than today’s flubbed effort.

After NWRing tomorrow, I’ll continue west to Austin. I’m reserved at the Springhill Suites South, on I-35. I’m going to meet some friends for dinner at Curra’s Grill—which is only about 2 miles from the hotel.


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