Fort Stockton, Texas

February 22, 2016 10:09 – 10:09

I’m at the Candlewood Suites in Fort Stockton, Texas. It’s a pretty long haul down to Big Bend National Park, but after looking at the hotel offerings closer (and really, not significantly closer), I traded a little extra driving time for comfort.

The hotel has acceptable internet speed, which is good, since I’ll probably be uploading a fair number of pictures tonight. They have wired and wireless, so I’m using my own router, which provides an added measure of security.

Last night’s sunset in Fort Stockton was stunning. The second picture focuses on the most intensely colored area of the sunset. I thought that the backlit clouds looked like a lava flow.

Last night for dinner, I went to Alfredo’s Mexican Restaurant. The food and service were excellent. I had steak fajitas. My only complaint would be that their salsa wasn’t all that good, and salsa is about 90% of the flavor experience for me at Mexican restaurants.

I’m going to spend today in Big Bend National Park, then hit the road for back east tomorrow morning. Unless a sudden polar vortex appears, I’ll be making overnight stops near Texarkana (Tuesday), Memphis (Wednesday), and Knoxville (Farragut, actually–Thursday). This is a lot more advanced planning than I usually do. lol

I’ve spaced the stops close enough to leave time for stopping at refuges or state parks along the way. My first refuge will be Pond Creek National Wildlife Refuge, about 10 miles north of Texarkana. I haven’t scoped out one between Memphis and Farragut, yet.

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