Boston Stuff

March 16, 2016 23:14 – 23:14

Today was fun. I began by meeting with Cam and Bart of the Katie Tyson Fund at the UUA. We had lunch at Tavern Road (mini review… I probably ordered wrong—it was okay, but just).

I found out that UU Summer Seminary is growing to 25 youth and 8 days this summer. It’s in San Francisco at Starr-King and the Oakland UU church. I’m planning to drive out at least for the Saturday and Sunday portions, and might be helping out some with music. After lunch, I met with someone about possibly doing music sometime for the UUA’s regular Tuesday morning chapel service.

After the UUA, I headed north to Heartbreak Reservation, which is only a few miles south of the hotel. I spent only about an hour hiking there today, but it looks promising for future trips. There are two ponds within the reservation—this one is called Upper Pond. Care to guess what the other one is called?

Several large outcroppings had distinct sedimentary lines displayed by many years of erosion. A geologist likely could say a lot more.

Here are a bunch of campaign promises I saw on one of the paved trails. Must’ve been a campaign trail. Yes… the campaign trail is paved with horseshit.

Like the other reservations I’ve been to, this one is very hilly and rocky.

I also ran across this today. At first, I thought BFD might’ve stood for Big Fucking Deal, but decided instead it refers to the Boston Fire Department.

Tonight I went to Sanctuary Boston at First and Second Church UU in Boston.

As usual, the service was very moving and compelling. For the joys and concerns, all were concerns, so I decided to stand up & share my joy at being there with the community, and how it’s so worth the 500 mile drive up from Virginia. I also spoke with Mark and Matt about possibly doing a reflection sometime in the fall.

On the way back up to the hotel, I stopped for fuel at the cheapest place I could find—$1.99/gallon for diesel. I guess prices have bottomed out for now.

Tomorrow morning, the plan is to head for the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, in Sudbury, forecast notwithstanding. The forecast for overnight is rather odd, but hopefully the rain will clear out by the time I get to the refuge.

After hiking in Assabet, I’ll head for Syracuse. I thought about seeing if I know anybody there (I do, but they have small children, so a Thursday night outing wouldn’t work), but I think I’ll home-body it tomorrow night, and save my outing energy for Friday night, when I’ll be having dinner with a Facebook friend who is a distant cousin of my late wife, Karen.

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