Syracuse to Buffalo

March 18, 2016 22:46 – 22:46

I’m at the Springhill Suites Buffalo Airport location. It just opened in September, so it still has that new hotel smell. The paid internet speed is acceptable, and I have no clue how fast the unpaid is.

Today’s NWR was the Iroquois NWR in Alabama, NY. I wonder if there’s a New York in Alabama? I doubt it. Because it’s basically still winterish up here, there weren’t a lot of birds. I did see a couple of orange-ish chipmunks. Here’s one of them.

He looked more orange in person. Or… in mammal?

I wasn’t able to identify this bird. At first, I thought it was a crow. But, once I eliminated the shadow, I can see it wasn’t a crow. But, it was about that size. Some kind of small hawk, perhaps.

Most of the waterfowl were keeping their distance, including these hooded mergansers.


There was also this odd thing dangling from a tree. It was about 8″ in diameter.

Both of the trails I walked featured long boardwalks, reminiscent of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary’s boardwalk, but not nearly as long. Here’s a view of the Kanyoo trail boardwalk.

And, here’s a view to the left of where I was standing.

And here are views from the Swallow Hollow Nature Trail.

Among the usual suspects were this Canada goose and downy woodpecker.

I saw another bird I didn’t recognize. It was a little larger than a robin. I now think it was a female bluejay.

After the NWR, I drove the rest of the way to the Springhill Suites in the eastern environs of Buffalo. It opened in September, so it’s pretty new. It’s also pretty cheap—probably because it’s new. Unfortunately, that also makes it a relative bargain price for the very large HS hockey players who are here for some kind of tournament. When I checked in, I asked to be put as far as possible from them. While there are some on my floor and they are very noisy when they’re in the hallway, my floor seems to be quieter than the other three.

For dinner tonight, I met up with some of Karen’s distant relatives. They’re a rarity these days—liberal Catholics. We ate at Red Pepper, which is a mixed Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. We all had Chinese cuisine. I had hot & sour soup (no competition for Dynasty’s) and Mongolian beef. The latter was good. We had fun discussing politics, television, Ohio, and family.

Tomorrow, I head into Canada. I’ve already set my Garmin to use the Whirlpool Bridge, which is Nexus only. I sure hope this crossing takes less time that the last time I cross from Buffalo into Ontario. On that occasion, I waited in line for over 90 minutes until the Nexus line finally broke free.

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