Buffalo to Waterloo (Ontario)

March 19, 2016 21:07 – 21:07

I’m at the Homewood Suites in Waterloo, St. Jacobs, Ontario. This might even be the same room I was in last time I was here. In any case, the premium paid internet speed is acceptable. And because of the exchange rate, it’ll cost only $3.81/day, rather than $4.95/day. Wooo! Again, no clue how fast the unpaid service is.

On the way across the border, there was no line on the Nexus-only Whirlpool Bridge. So, naturally, the customs dude gives me a bit of a hard time about vacationing in Ontario in mid-March. “Why are you going to Bruce Peninsula?” Because I’ve never been there. In any case, once again, they let me in.

After crossing over, I decided to go see Niagara Falls since I haven’t seen it in 15-20 years. To my surprise, this being a Saturday, it wasn’t at all crowded. I’m kicking myself for not having come up here last winter when the falls froze. Next time it freezes, I’m gonna do it.

I took a bunch of pictures at the falls, but no way am I going to post 35 pictures. Just the most representative ones. Here’s a good overview shot showing both of the main falls.

And, here’s a close-up shot of the boat shown above, which is called the Hornblower.

And, here are some assorted shots of the falls. I took this one at 1/8000 to try to freeze the falls.

I have no clue what this dome in the center is. I’m calling it the Pleasure Dome, since it’s pleasant to look at.

And here it is close up.

The oddest sight, though, was this giant kiss. I had no idea that Hershey’s had any kind of a presence in Niagara Falls, let alone in Canada.

Leaving Niagara Falls, I set a course for Waterloo. I was going to be early, so I decided to stop at Granny Bonn’s Fish & Chips for lunch. It was good—I had the cod—but no better than what I do at home with my own secret batter recipe. And, I think I’m losing my taste for chips.

By the time I finished lunch, it was still too early to go to the hotel, so I went to Sobey’s to provision up. I got the makings for omelets for breakfast for the next four mornings that I expect to be in Waterloo. I decided to go ahead and see if they’d take me early at Homewood… but the room wasn’t ready. So, I strolled over to the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market.

It reminds me of the Central Market House in downtown York, PA. I should’ve bought some strawberries, but the crowd was too daunting. Unfortunately, they aren’t open tomorrow, and when I went back at 17:00, I learned that they’d closed at 15:30.

After visiting the market (the first time), I headed back to the hotel where… my room was finally ready. After unloading my stuff, I decided to try to take a walk to the Laurel Creek Conservation Area. But, halfway there, I decided it was too far. On the way back to the hotel, however, I passed this interesting stone company, with a very artistic and attractive display of their wares.

When I got back to the hotel, I decided to drive to Laurel Creek. But, it, too was closed. At that point, I’d already 11km for the day, so I just walk in a little way to see where to pay and how much it’ll cost. If the weather permits on Monday, maybe I’ll try again.

For dinner tonight, I considered trying Jack’s Family Restaurant across the street, but I wasn’t all that impressed by their menu. Too bad they don’t have prime rib every night, rather than just on Friday. I also considered a couple of other restaurants, but they seemed too sandwich-centered. And, I definitely didn’t want a sandwich for dinner.

So, I drove back to Sobey’s, bought a rotisserie chicken and some wheat Kaiser rolls, and… made myself a delicious hot chicken sandwich with Swiss cheese. Yep. The irony just now struck me as I was writing this, and assessing exactly why I didn’t choose one of the three restaurants I considered.

Tomorrow morning, I’m singing at Grand River Unitarian Congregation, the Kitchener church that purportedly narrowly escaped being acronym-ed FUCK. I’ll be debuting two new songs, as well as singing Heart of It All for the offertory. I also sang there about a year ago.

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